Sierra Organics    

About Us

Sierra Organics was founded in the early 2000s out of necessity. Demand for organic products was increasing steadily. We had interest from dedicated dairymen that wanted to produce natural milk for people that wanted to buy the best available. Rockview Farms in Downey, CA and other Southern California plants showed interest in processing such products. From this Sierra Organics was born.

We have always pushed ourselves to carry the highest quality products available. Our group of dairymen make sure they are always conformed to the most rigorous organic standards. Most are well beyond. Because of the unique location, most of our dairies are able to leave their herds out to pasture several months out of the year. They take pride in producing the freshest, most quality product available.

Over the years Sierra Organics has developed and is now marketing milk in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We sell organic cream, in bulk and totes, and organics NFDM powder throughout the year. We have partnered with many of the large organic companies throughout the nation.

We are very excited about the future of organic milk!

Sierra Organics sales team.
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